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What happens at the first consultation?

During the first consultation the interior designer will ask you a lot of personal questions. While this can seem pretty intimidating at first, the only reason we (as interior designers) do this is to get to know you better.

The more we know about you and what you want out of the project, the less likely it is for errors to appear later down the line (especially in the concept stage). Besides asking questions, you will both be talking about the budget, the design look you want to achieve and what the next steps are.

Usually the meeting lasts between 1 - 2 hours but can differ from client to client

More details,


In most cases we'd conduct a detailed measure of your space, to ensure exact specifications to work with.We may also get you to do a house tour – where you’ll walk with him through your entire space – even spaces that have already been designed or aren’t part of the brief.

This helps us understand the space and your relationship to it more fully. All these details help him to create a unique design that best fits your personality and lifestyle.

The kinds of questions we'll ask

  1. Who all lives here?

  2. What goes on in this space?

  3. Do you entertain, if so how often how many people?

  4. Furniture to keep? Paint to keep?

These questions give us the general idea of your personal preference & style; combined with our evaluations and expertise after meeting you, to create an accurate and flawlessly designed project specific to you and you, your lifestyle, and maintaining functionality.

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